This is a common fake hijack and windows virus warning message that you might find when visiting a website. We recently came across this while doing some research for a customer and we wanted to share how you should handle a message like this.

It appears to be a legit warning at first glance but if you take a closer look it is completely fake. The issue is that you can subject your computer to this hijacking attempt by clicking anything on the message including “Don’t run” and “Run anyway” which seems like a good option. Don’t click anything! This is completely fake and the buttons have been labeled to fool you into clicking on them which will cause serious issues for you. The best thing to do is to just close the browser tab or close the browser completely if you can without losing work. Additionally, you can run a virus scan or malware scan using your own software tools just to be safe.

We hope this post helps you avoid an issue? Let us know if you need assistance with something like this or if your website has been hijacked by a fake message such as this and you need it removed. Yes, that does happen to website owners if your website is not regularly maintained for security updates. Just give us a call and we can help. Thank you for your time!

More screenshots of fake popups…